Dearest God of all that is,

In the name of Love, may your gift of my life

lift the world to more fully experience the value of loving.

Let me be an instrument of your grace to honor all life by easily and effectively, doing and being an
example of your will.

And by my actions, and heartfelt dreams that guide those actions, help me to create and promote unity through loving.

Let there be greatness in each life,

experienced and acknowledged together.

Let this greatness promote an active
awareness to preserve the beauty of all life,

and our biosphere, Earth.

And let us give thanks for the greatness

that exists today in the thoughts and deeds of

those who create by their greatness.

For all that I am, and for all that I can be,

I choose to dedicate my life to the growth of that greatness.

And I choose loving as the key.

I Love you God.

- dave waite

Prayer of dedication...

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Dave Waite
Silver Spring, MD   20910
Email: dave at globeworks dot com

Thank you...


Thank you...