There is no vision of past,

No feelings of arbitrary nature.

All is divine and within you.

Open your eyes and see.

There is nothing in the way.

Free yourself by being that who
you truly are.

For you are one with God,

One with Christ,

And one with the living earth.

Open your eyes and breathe each breath

And be thankful.

It is only a fear that closes eyes,

Only projections of experience,

That fuels fear.

So, let it all go...

And know Christ, commune with Him

Within your heart, within your soul.

Here, you will be set free.

Here you will find that which is longed for,

Only here. Only now.

Surrender to the divine, every moment

And be Love, be Peace, be the presence of God.

You are ready.  You are holy.

Give this to the world.

With Love.

1/5/2000 - dave waite

You are ready...

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Dave Waite
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Thank you...


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